Portrait – Before and After / Post Production

Lucio Sergio Dos Santos – Jujitsu Black Belt

Lucio is one of a handful of Jujitsu Black Belt instructors in Britain, I recently photographed him for K2 Fight Gear (Martial Arts Clothing), modeling some of the range. He’s Brazilian and a really interesting character – and his face reflected it.

In this image he’s doing a classic fight stance, his face is dead pan so as not to give his opponent any clues on his next move – I suppose it’s a martial arts poker face! We only had time to photograph full length outfits for the new website, so I quickly moved in close to capture this pose – with the intention of creating a powerful portrait in post production.

Below is the finished retouched shot (b+w) and original (colour). I’ve blended four various contrast layers, softened the focus away from the eyes and added grain to give it a analog film quality. Hope you like it. H.