Dirty Dog Snow Goggles – Studio Shoot

If you ever fancy a tough brief to shoot then try shooting goggles!

The big issue with this product is the massive amount of reflection in the visor – it’s as good as looking through a fisheye lens reflecting everything in the studio, including me!

To get round this I used my studio infinity cove to reflect back into the goggles, carefully placed black boards to hide the mirror image of the camera and then blended two differently polarised images to create a smooth, clean and crisp image for each goggle shot. I’ve included a snap of the set to give an idea of the set, which is lit with three elinchrom ranger flash lights.

Finished Image

Set with infinity cove for reflection in the Goggles

I was recommended to Dirty Dog by an old colleague in Wales. The client is really happy with the finished results(below) and the images will be going live on their web site soon. Many Thanks, Harry.