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Norfolk Revisited

Lifestyle Photography for Triumph Motorcycles

I shot this series of lifestyle shots for Triumph Motorcycles Clothing brochure a few years ago. At the time I was in the middle of a big European shoot for CBRE shooting a premium property portfolio for Redevco.

I applied creative film styles to the images in Capture One (my raw file processing software). Since then Capture One has moved on a couple of generations greatly increasing my control of raw image processing. I’ve been meaning to go back to these images for a while, so I sat down with a cup of tea and got to work on them.

Captures One’s skin tone tool is great for smoothing out tone and colour, editable layers are now available for most controls including curves, levels, white balance and clarity etc.

Personally, I’m much happier with the results than the original time of processing. Don’t get me wrong they were great before and the client was really happy – but they are now much more like I intended when I shot them.

Capture One is a must have tool for the serious professional photographer. Capture One have created a brilliant piece of software that brings many of the qualities of photoshop to my raw file workflow – without having to open photoshop!

This was a great shoot to be involved in, we sourced the location in Norfolk and the models from the Midlands. My assistant Steve did a sterling job with the location lighting, creating the the sunset highlights. Ohhhh and that reminds me, by gosh it was cold!!! H

Artificial Sun Flare Effect – Image of the Month – August 2013

These images are just being published by my client and I’m really proud of the flash light we used to create sun flare in this image. In the dead of winter back in January, sunlight was scarce and snow wasn’t. So my assistant used a boom arm to hold into shot a small flash head pointing directly into the lens. The effect was great and was had a lot of fun working out the best amount of power and position of the light to gain the best results. People often use software to create this effect but It’s so much nicer getting it in the camera and the clients gets excited just looking at the back of the camera. Enjoy, H.

iotm tweed

Working Skyline – Image of the Month – July 2013

This image was recently taken to promote a fantastic office block roof terrace. The model is working on her laptop with a London sunset skyline behind. The balance of the light is the hardest thing to achieve here. I’ve used a small blue gelled light bounced onto the laptop screen to give the soft effect of the screen lighting her face. We were also lucky to have a good sunset as am sure we all appreciate is more luck than anything in the UK. Phew!!! H

iotm roof

Tea for One – Image of the Month – April 2013

Tea for one is advertising my clients woollen shawl, it a good exercise of photographing and comping together the three elements  of the base, body and neck to create this quirky image. Thew client loved it saying it has come out even better them they hoped. It’s always nice to please a client and be appreciated. Harry.

Tea for One

Mr Melty In Action

This is a fascinating toy –  Mr Melty here take about half an hour to completely go flat at room temperature.
We took a series of shots to show this process. Armed with these images I couldn’t resist doing this time lapse sequence for a bit of fun. H.

Elastic Ingenuity

I had a near disaster on a shoot of a commercial property in London – my camera tore the thread from it’s base and the connection plate, rendering me unable to put the camera on the tripod. I was really lucky the camera didn’t smash on the ground, the camera strap just managed to catch on the tripod handle.

I was shooting long exposures and night time scenes, my client had just popped off for half an hour and I was panicking. My solution was a local Rymans and the strongest elastic bands they had. I used six bands to attach the tripod plate to the camera base – which did the job, phew!!! The only compromise was I couldn’t get to most of the controls on the camera back! Got to say if it wasn’t for the bands smothering my camera my client wouldn’t have been non the wiser. H.

UV Mat – Image of the Month – May 2011

It’s always exciting and challenging shooting for Spacekraft (Multi Sensory Solutions). Often mixing unusual ambient lighting with daylight and flash, this example is of a special needs pupil interacting with a UV Tactile Mat. I used a long exposure for the rooms UV lighting to give the mat the vibrant colour, my controlled flash is then isolated onto her face. The Spacekraft sensory room makes a great backdrop!