I Believe In Monsters

It’s great to promote your mates creative work on that interweb thing! My best friend and actor Adam Lewis (pictured left below), has just done a short film. He plays an unsavoury character –  that’s fairly normal for him, both on and off the screen!!!!

Keep an eye out for it – the image links to the trailer on youtube. Cheers H.
I believe in monsters

Goodbye Zafira

It’s the last days work for my lovely Zafira today. She’s been with me from new, done 115,000 miles and has served me well for seven and a half years. I thought it fitting to do a Hipstamatic iPhone snap as a final goodbye. She’s on the moors above Cross Hills near Skipton, we had one last drive together on a sun blessed summers evening. Goodbye.

Zafira's Last Day at Work

Working Skyline – Image of the Month – July 2013

This image was recently taken to promote a fantastic office block roof terrace. The model is working on her laptop with a London sunset skyline behind. The balance of the light is the hardest thing to achieve here. I’ve used a small blue gelled light bounced onto the laptop screen to give the soft effect of the screen lighting her face. We were also lucky to have a good sunset as am sure we all appreciate is more luck than anything in the UK. Phew!!! H

iotm roof

Moon In The Attic

I really enjoyed shooting the 2013 Bronte brochures recently. Myself and assistant Steve did loads of work both in the studio and around the Moons Factory, of technical product shots, still life sets and location lifestyle sets. The attic at the factory was a great backdrop for shots and I’ve uploaded a few of the pages for you to peruse along with a couple of iphone snaps captured in the attic by my client. Cheers, Harry

Options For Adverts And Posters

Here are the initial proposed adverts and posters from a days model (Thea) shoot earlier this month. The client will choose two or three from the set of options offered. I particularly liked image ‘hi res ads-2‘ featuring Thea’s mane of hair to create a fantastic look. H

Panoramic, The South Bank – Image of the Month – May 2013

Here’s the latest view of The South Bank from the roof of 80 Strand in London. The client wanted this fantastic and exclusive panoramic view at twilight from the building they are marketing. The weather was perfect and this image was stitched together using seven images taken on a professional panoramic tripod head for accurate alignment of frames. Enjoy, H