Central Square, Leeds

Central Square is an iconic new office building, with the best design and specification ever seen in Leeds City Centre to date, so when I was asked to produce a full set of images for the developers I jumped at the chance. It took two days to produce internals, externals and twilight shots, organising models, lighting and negotiating the last of the workman on site. Account director Claire described the images as “Fantastic”, which is always a welcome pat on the back . Check out the links and published pages below. Many cheers, Harry.

Central Square Brochure.pdf

Central Square Website link

Flying Scotsman Portraits

The Flying Scotsman was chartered onto the Worth Valley Railway for a weekend recently, when it came to this region to reopen the Settle to Carlisle railway after a closure for repairs. This was a great opportunity to add to my ongoing rail project. I’m capturing the old days of train travel with images of drivers, guards and rail enthusiast (Train Spotters to you and I). I got some great shots to share with you. Please enjoy. H

Tourists – Barcelona

When I’m a Tourist I just Can’t Help Myself!

La Sagrada Familia is a calling for anyone who visits Barcelona. It’s just that when you go to these popular city destinations they are often spoilt not only by the massive numbers of tourists from all over the world but by the way they behave -in public! Anyway, I just can’t help myself taking their pictures, I pretty much forget about the attraction and focus on the tourists, I find them fascinating and they make great models as they seem absolutely oblivious that I’m taking photos of them due to the sheer numbers of  photos being taken around me. It’s great fun observing this behaviour, I’ve started building a collection of  “TOURISTS” and will publish more when I travel in the future.

Deltic – Image of the Month – June 2016

This is my portrait of The Deltic Engine Driver at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Diesel Gala Weekend, it’s a weekend full of characters and trainspotter types rubbing shoulders with holiday makers! The Deltic was the main east coast intercity engine for twenty years before the High Speed Trains (HST)  replaced it in the 1980’s.  I wanted to capture his intensity, most of the time he wore a smiley face for all the tourist snappers, but with a little patience I captured him in with an intense mood and great lighting -I’m really chuffed with his portrait. Enjoy, Harry.

Project Latin

I photographed the marketing pdf and brochure for Project Latin in The City of London. The light proved really difficult and I tried a few times over the day, to get this cover shot. Late in the day thought, the light became glorious with sin skimming down the main front side and reflecting back onto the darker narrow right side with a dabbled sparkle. I was really pleased in the end! I’ve attached the full pdf showing my complete shoot from the day. Cheers, H

Click here to view the Project Latin Brochure pdf