Norfolk Revisited

Lifestyle Photography for Triumph Motorcycles

I shot this series of lifestyle shots for Triumph Motorcycles Clothing brochure a few years ago. At the time I was in the middle of a big European shoot for CBRE shooting a premium property portfolio for Redevco.

I applied creative film styles to the images in Capture One (my raw file processing software). Since then Capture One has moved on a couple of generations greatly increasing my control of raw image processing. I’ve been meaning to go back to these images for a while, so I sat down with a cup of tea and got to work on them.

Captures One’s skin tone tool is great for smoothing out tone and colour, editable layers are now available for most controls including curves, levels, white balance and clarity etc.

Personally, I’m much happier with the results than the original time of processing. Don’t get me wrong they were great before and the client was really happy – but they are now much more like I intended when I shot them.

Capture One is a must have tool for the serious professional photographer. Capture One have created a brilliant piece of software that brings many of the qualities of photoshop to my raw file workflow – without having to open photoshop!

This was a great shoot to be involved in, we sourced the location in Norfolk and the models from the Midlands. My assistant Steve did a sterling job with the location lighting, creating the the sunset highlights. Ohhhh and that reminds me, by gosh it was cold!!! H

Eastburn Country Furniture – Black and White Portraits

Meet The Team Shots – Reportage Style Portrait Photography

I really enjoyed this shoot, not only were the team very friendly and helpful, I was also given free rein to capture their individual characters as I wished. The brief was to reflect the quality handcrafted essence of Eastburn Country Furniture with a reportage style portrait photography approach. They are a truly original company, based in an old Yorkshire Mill near Skipton, specialising in the design and manufacture of bespoke kitchens from new and reclaimed timber.

I always shoot with my digital capture cameras in colour. I then converted the images to Kodak Plus-X black and white film to replicate a reportage style portraits. Nothing is quite like black and white photography for character portraits. Colour can be a distraction from revealing the person’s character, there is so much more depth and integrity in monochrome portraiture.

After shooting, I took it upon myself to look for some quirky cameo detail shots around the mills. These can really help tell the story and added a little extra humour into the final results. They loved everything and are presently uploading onto the Eastburn Country Furniture Website now.

Steampunk – What’s going on

Bronte Weather

I can’t think of a better location on a cold dull winters day than Howarth to shoot portraits of Steampunks. They make great subjects to photograph as they transform in brilliantly extroverted characters. The setting was just great, although I did get a bit wet! H


A homage to vintage fashion with a modern, sassy twist. A genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology

SUN29 – 2017 Awards Announced… … at THE GALLERY AT 164, Duke Street, LS9 8AG

Last night this years Shot Up North – SUN29 Photography Awards were announced in Leeds…

I’m very proud to say that I’ve had two of my recent documentary photographs selected into the 50 winning entries. The competition is strictly only open to professional photographers working outside London,  Judging for the SUN Awards is done anonymously by an independent curating judge, selected each year from amongst our leading creative industry peers. This years solo curator was Peter Mitchell, Manchester born documentary photographer known for documenting Leeds and the surrounding area for more than 40 years. At last nights exhibition opening Peter did a fantastic talk/slideshow about his times as a photographer over the last four decades, delivered with plenty of good northern humour.

SUN29 is made into an exhibition, published into a book and on the Shot Up North web site. Please take look at the whole book online and below are a my two award winning images. I’m very chuffed with these images and hope you enjoy them too. H

Chester – A Step Back In Time

Whilst shooting for a high street asset in Chester, I also had to show a flavour of the town, it’s amenities and local interest. I was looking out for interesting moments and angles that put an different slant on the images. Working hard to seek out creative images often using long telephoto lenses to be discreet.

Then, I noticed these three boys and “whoosh” I was transported back in time – to the 1980’s when I was a similar looking student! I just had to snap them. It wasn’t quite the right image for my client but I really love it for myself. I can picture myself in those happy boys – the punk, mod and rocker. Enjoy. H

Documentary Portraits – Leeds Design Agency

As It Happens!

I recently shot this reportage series of images for Leeds creative design agency DSEmotion. The brief was to get an honest set of images to reflect the friendly, creative and professional ethos of the company. My approach was to capture them “as it happens” with minimum setting up, posing of people and no rearranging of rooms. Just an honest set of images as I saw them, warts and all – preferably less warts in the final edit I suppose!

I mostly used a long focus lens with minimal depth of field to help blur the foregrounds and or backgrounds of the pictures. This helps to give them a fly on the wall feel to the set of images. I also took a few cameo shots of the office to reflect their work and give the set of images an added depth of interest. It was a great shoot to both photograph and edit – just me and my camera (plus a little fill-in flash here and there) and my eye for an image. How I did photography when I was learning but with the advantage of more than 30 years experience! Enoy the snaps. Harry



The Leeming Building, Leeds

Reportage Shoot Around Leeds

I was commissioned to produce a set of images to promote the marketing of The Leeming Building, which is basically the offices at the Leeds Market. A major part in Leeds history, this iconic Grade 1 listed building has been rejuvenated to become a collection of unique, design led work spaces created to attract likeminded businesses. Dan, the creative director wanted me to capture relaxed natural feeling images of the hipster/artisan/independent side of the city’s local amenities. Armed with only my charm, wit and a cover letter to introduce myself to shop keepers and restauranteurs etcetera, I spent two half days seeking out interesting angles, people and cameo shots. It was a  really enjoyable shoot, taking me back to my student days with free reign to use my vision, connecting with people and the environment. I also shot all the external and internal photography for the brochure. Dan was really pleased with the final set of images and I’ve attached a few of my favourites below. Cheers, H.

External of  The Leeming Building & Brochure Link

Reportage Photo Gallery