Monthly Archives: October 2017

Chester – A Step Back In Time

Whilst shooting for a high street asset in Chester, I also had to show a flavour of the town, it’s amenities and local interest. I was looking out for interesting moments and angles that put an different slant on the images. Working hard to seek out creative images often using long telephoto lenses to be discreet.

Then, I noticed these three boys and “whoosh” I was transported back in time – to the 1980’s when I was a similar looking student! I just had to snap them. It wasn’t quite the right image for my client but I really love it for myself. I can picture myself in those happy boys – the punk, mod and rocker. Enjoy. H

Documentary Portraits – Leeds Design Agency

As It Happens!

I recently shot this reportage series of images for Leeds creative design agency DSEmotion. The brief was to get an honest set of images to reflect the friendly, creative and professional ethos of the company. My approach was to capture them “as it happens” with minimum setting up, posing of people and no rearranging of rooms. Just an honest set of images as I saw them, warts and all – preferably less warts in the final edit I suppose!

I mostly used a long focus lens with minimal depth of field to help blur the foregrounds and or backgrounds of the pictures. This helps to give them a fly on the wall feel to the set of images. I also took a few cameo shots of the office to reflect their work and give the set of images an added depth of interest. It was a great shoot to both photograph and edit – just me and my camera (plus a little fill-in flash here and there) and my eye for an image. How I did photography when I was learning but with the advantage of more than 30 years experience! Enoy the snaps. Harry