Monthly Archives: April 2012

Capturing in the Rain

Wow – you’d never now there was a drought on!

Assistant Steve and I arrived on the location fully expecting our new client to postpone the shoot due the constant rain. Trouble was, a lot of people had come from for a group shot and it really wasn’t going to happen on another day in the foreseeable future – so we drew on the British Grit mentality and got on with it. We decided to do the group picnic shot under the Union Jack brolly, we only had the one Union brolly, so we shot it in different positions and this is image presently being photoshopped in the graphics department. (I’ll post it when it done)

Fun was had by everyone in spite of of the weather and we achieved some great shots, mainly around the stables where we found a bit of shelter from the rain. When push comes to shove, it challenges like these that push ones boundaries and I reckon we got some interesting images we wouldn’t normally get !

Below are a few rain soaked snaps from Steve’s iPhone and a few of my finished images. By the way our new client is promoting the official British Showjumping Clothing for the 2012 Olympic year. Enjoy, we did! H.

Harry "thinking in the rain"