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Rhiannon, A/W 2011 Poster – Image of the Month – January 2012

Shot in the summer and on release now is this soft tranquil poster image of Rhiannon. It’s a good example of placing the sun as a back-light and using a simple warm silver reflector to light up the subject. It emphasises a feeling of depth and helps mute the colours of the grass for that natural autumn look. We got some fantastic shots during this campaign and I had a great time shooting it, thanks to all who had a hand in it. Harry.

Rhiannon for POS and Poster camapaign

Jodhpurs, Jackets, Jumpers.

Keeping it bright, clean and efficient is key to a good catalogue photo-shoot. This week we just completed an intensive three days where it was full steam ahead for myself on camera and computer, Katie on hair and makeup, Steve on lighting and tea, Christine, Caroline and Alice on styling and satumas. Heather, Hannah, Helen, Lanna and Simone on modelling and biscuits. Last but not least client Richard on the phone and whip!

Elastic Ingenuity

I had a near disaster on a shoot of a commercial property in London – my camera tore the thread from it’s base and the connection plate, rendering me unable to put the camera on the tripod. I was really lucky the camera didn’t smash on the ground, the camera strap just managed to catch on the tripod handle.

I was shooting long exposures and night time scenes, my client had just popped off for half an hour and I was panicking. My solution was a local Rymans and the strongest elastic bands they had. I used six bands to attach the tripod plate to the camera base – which did the job, phew!!! The only compromise was I couldn’t get to most of the controls on the camera back! Got to say if it wasn’t for the bands smothering my camera my client wouldn’t have been non the wiser. H.

Model Shoot for Triumph

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Assistant Steve, has just sent me an email with snaps attached from Friday’s model shoot for Triumph Clothing in my studio.

Hi Harry,
Here’s a few pics I took on my iphone, thought you might like to have them? I’ve been hammering this hipstamatic app probably just a phase I’m going through!

I’ve also added here a few early draft shots from the shoot which were captured with my Phase One P25+ digital camera. I love using it! H.

PS. I reckon I’ll be checking out this ” hipstamatic app” – looks interesting!

Zurich or Bust

I recently did a last minute urgent shoot of a massive shopping centre in Zurich for CBRE’s London office. After a bit of diary reshuffling, I was soon on the tarmac at Manchester airport. I find foreign signage, design and street furniture fascinating – although it’s pretty much the same as at home, you know instantly that your not back in Britain, it feels so alien! I couldn’t help myself from using my pocket camera snapping the signage on my journey to and from . I posted up those snaps plus a selection of the Shoppi Tivoli brief. H.