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One Tree Hill – Image of the Month – March 2011

As a prelude to my first exhibition of my personal work (Art In Landscape), I’ve posted up this image of a lone tree on a hill with the heavenly clouds swirling directly over it. Photography is often about capturing a moment in time and this was one of those moments that inspire a landscape photographer and hopefully the viewer. You need to keep your camera close at hand at all times in order to get shots like this! H

Art In Landscape – Exhibition

It’s really quite unbelievable but “Art In Landscape” is my first personal exhibition since college, many moons ago!

It’s on at the Bradford Chamber Business Park and has been a great journey for me. It’s liberating to free your images from the confides of the computer and release them as quality framed large art prints.

My landscape art photography is very clean and graphic in style. I use scale, depth, abstraction and surprise,  to grab the attention of the viewer and bring them into the photograph – often having to walk up close to get the full understanding of the detail to be absorbed.

The show is on for six weeks, starting with the private viewing on the 7th April 2011.

I’ll post up the images after the show opening, along with some snaps from the private viewing.

Cheers, H

Hannah Two Styles

This is a great opportunity to illustate two different styles of fashion lighting on the same set. It’s a quick way to vary a shoot and the client was really happy to have extra options for image use during the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2011 season. Good brownie points!

Style 1:Hannah leaning against the wall is lit with one Sunlite reflector near to lens with a small amount of bounced light to fill-in the shadow slightly.

Style 2: The next style is with Hannah stood from the wall, lit with a medium octa – softbox, honeycombed clip light on the hair and a snoot onto the fabric jacket. Simples!!! H.

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