Monthly Archives: March 2010

New Portfolio

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally on the last leg of updating my A3 portfolio –  and I’m really looking forward to getting it onto creatives’ desks at agencies.

I wanted to show one main shot on each page and a selection of thumbnail images from that shoot – illustrating that the image isn’t just a one off, but from a selection taken on the day. I feel it’s really important to show this because it’s what most professional commissions typically require. Not just one good shot, but a series of quality images taken under the real pressures of time, costs and deadlines.

It’s also been a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows going back through my archive of images, bringing back memories, ideas and  the odd regret! Mostly it’s been an inspiring experience and has kick-started my passion for image making and taking. It’s also highlighted that I need to organise my images as I go along, and not let them dissappear into the dark recesses of the hard-drive!

Anyway – these are just two samples of my folio and with Spring taking hold, I’m really excited about getting my folio seen for the first time in a while – can’t wait. H.

Image of the Month – March 2010

This is one image from a series I shot for a client recently, the theme was pretty much “keep it simple and effective” My stylist found some great props to work with – this chair was a particular favourite of mine. I also really enjoyed lighting this shoot and hope you enjoy it! Harry.

PS. My post The Blue Sofa on March 2nd 2010 shows two out-takes from this shoot!

The Blue Sofa

This was a fascinating blue sofa we had in the studio for a fashion shoot. I had the models all over it – taking pictures that is! Here are a couple of images which pushed the boundaries of the clients brief – but I really loved. They get to see daylight on this blog though, which is better than the old analoque days of filed away trannies never to glimpse sunlight. H.

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