Monthly Archives: November 2009

Teleware PMN

Teleware’s Portable Mobile Network division searched the web for a photographer and were impressed by my portfolio on the website. So much so they bought a days work! They said my images had drama and that little bit more than the competition they saw on the web. The brief was to take dramatic images of their Mobile Network in application. We found a dry river bed and a remote moors scene to create the settings for the off-road vehicles and models. They are really happy with the shots and are looking forward to another shoot in the future.Chris and Rick were great to work with and made the day a lot of fun – Thanks. H.

When Harry Met Gary

One of my favorite artists is Gary Numan – Here’s a clip from my mobile of a recent concert I saw. For a first attempt at a movie, I’m quite proud of it.

Image of the Month -November 2009

I was approached by the WOW Academy to produce exciting images of their creative facilities. This image of the VR GLOVE has feeling and depth, creating the excitement needed for the new prospectus and brochure images. I’ll publish more images, plus behind the seen snaps soon!