Monthly Archives: September 2009

Ellen Whitaker shoot for Caldene

Just got the finished adverts back for a recent shoot I did of Ellen Whitaker (British Show Jumping rider), and I have to congratulate her on her professionalism and patience. It wasn’t an easy shoot to model on! The client said were doing the advert in the middle of summer but we want it to look like autumn/winter – “Oh Great” is the usual response a photographer has through gritted teeth. Anyway, the solution came through the use of the old smoke machine. The art director Matt, had a great time taking control of the smoke machine, running up and down the background filling the trees with copious amounts of smoke. My assistant Andy, controlled the reflectors and I controlled the the camera waiting for the correct amount of mist in the image. Anyway, Ellen was taken for granted in all the fuss, but she did a fantastic job. After the shoot, two files were processed of the chosen image, one in full colour, the other with the colours muted and warmed to a golden glow – the files were then blended together to create the autumn feel. The client is very happy – which makes me very happy too.

Ellen_Caldene Green Jacket Ad1