Monthly Archives: December 2008

Preview of Viewpoint 2009 Calendar

Harry’s personal long lens vision for 2009

During the last twelve months I’ve been taking images for my 2009 Calendar. I wanted to create photographs that are picturesque, capturing an element of the seasons and interesting subject matter. I disciplined myself to only use telephoto lenses, to get away from the idea of landscapes taken with the traditional wide angle view, I love the long lens for it’s ability to isolate a subject and wanted to exploit this. The Calendar is produced as a self promotion tool and as a thanks to my clients. The artwork is below for you to enjoy. H.

Image of the Month – December 2008


James recently affiliated himself to Swinton Park Hotel, Masham – giving golf lessons to the rich and famous. He wanted an eye-catching image of himself and the hotel. Using the low light of winter as backlighting gave this portrait the impact needed. James loved it!Golf Pro