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Moon In The Attic

I really enjoyed shooting the 2013 Bronte brochures recently. Myself and assistant Steve did loads of work both in the studio and around the Moons Factory, of technical product shots, still life sets and location lifestyle sets. The attic at the factory was a great backdrop for shots and I’ve uploaded a few of the pages for you to peruse along with a couple of iphone snaps captured in the attic by my client. Cheers, Harry

Triumph in the cold!!!

The recent 2013 model shoot for Triumph was in a very cold Norfolk.

The team was Gareth from Triumph who oversaw the production of the  shoot, Mark Hynds on art direction duty, modelling were Zoe and Mark, the lovely assistant Steve on lighting/equipment plus me behind camera.

The sun was added by assistant Steve using a double warm gelled Quadra head directed at the lens just off frame. This obviously didn’t warm the models, so we had a plentiful supply of good humour from everyone (and the car heating on full blast).

We produced some great shots and Gareth emailed some positive feedback which is always great to hear.

“Mate, love them, they are even better than I remember! Thank-you for a great two day photo-shoot it was a pleasure working with you, I’m so pleased with the clothing brochure and I believe it to be better than any previous version” – Gareth Bright.

Here are some snaps from Steve and some pages from the finished brochure. H

Glamping, Flies and Club Foot

Wow. Just got round to doing this entry, we had a great time shooting next years Tottie SS13 range! In the mist of all the persistent rain this year we managed to have the sun shine us on – a real deal breaker for whether this shoot went ahead or not! The damp ground bred particularly large and plentiful Horse Flies, I think I won on the “Highest Number of Bites Award” as one had eaten my back under my shirt! The mud was also fun with my Club Foot (I’d just had an opertion on my right big toe for hallux limitus) and was wearing my special shoe for it. Thanks to everyone for making this a great shoot.

Here is an early selection from my camera and some back scene shots from Assistant Andy. Harry


Ads on location

Behind the scene shots taken with various iphones whilst on a couple of sunny but pretty cool days on location, producing some great AW13 Clothing Adverts.  

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Views of London

It’s not often you get the chance to go to the top of Hyde Park Barracks (which is under scaffolding). So whilst there on a beautifully sunny  morning, I snapped client Sophie for her scrapbook as well as shooting great landscape views. H

Capturing in the Rain

Wow – you’d never now there was a drought on!

Assistant Steve and I arrived on the location fully expecting our new client to postpone the shoot due the constant rain. Trouble was, a lot of people had come from for a group shot and it really wasn’t going to happen on another day in the foreseeable future – so we drew on the British Grit mentality and got on with it. We decided to do the group picnic shot under the Union Jack brolly, we only had the one Union brolly, so we shot it in different positions and this is image presently being photoshopped in the graphics department. (I’ll post it when it done)

Fun was had by everyone in spite of of the weather and we achieved some great shots, mainly around the stables where we found a bit of shelter from the rain. When push comes to shove, it challenges like these that push ones boundaries and I reckon we got some interesting images we wouldn’t normally get !

Below are a few rain soaked snaps from Steve’s iPhone and a few of my finished images. By the way our new client is promoting the official British Showjumping Clothing for the 2012 Olympic year. Enjoy, we did! H.

Harry "thinking in the rain"

Rizues Comedy Face Time

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It’s always fun to ask someone to “Do their Comedy Face” for a snap – you never know what you’ll get in response!!!

Here’s what the the team of clients, models, art director, makeup artist and photographer threw up on a Rizues Workwear shoot.