Image of the Month – May 2008

Working on behalf of Essex Auto Group and the buildings Architects I came up with this interesting perspective to reflex the clean modern design of the new showroomusing the geometric angles of the floor, walls and shelves in an echo effect. (Sorry I didn’t get an an image of the month posted for April. Time slipped by! H.)Fiat 500

Image of the Month – March 2008

Bad light didn’t stop play here, if anything it helped the colour saturation, aided by some fill-in flash. Shot for a new corporate brochure to illustrate business partnerships for NFT Distribution.NFT Distribution

Image of the Month – February 2008

I shot this last week as a potential winters view for my future calendar. I have since learned a new word – Rime!

rime. noun. (also rime ice) – frost formed on cold objects by the rapid freezing of water vapor in cloud or fog.Ice Horse

Image of the Month – November 2007

On returning from the World Cup Final, I shot this moody image of Lewis Moody for the 2008 Gilbert Rugby brochure commissioned by Jellyfish design agency. Using the traditional changing rooms, we created a portrait with tension and pensive thought before a big match. H.YY0Z3511

Image of the Month – October 2007

Leeds latest landmark is an obvious draw for a photographers eye. On a fabulously sunny day I wanted to do something different here, so I gave this massive structure a toy like feel by framing it in contrast to a lamppost and crane. Enjoy!Photography_Leeds Skyscraper