Image of the Month – November 2007

On returning from the World Cup Final, I shot this moody image of Lewis Moody for the 2008 Gilbert Rugby brochure commissioned by Jellyfish design agency. Using the traditional changing rooms, we created a portrait with tension and pensive thought before a big match. H.YY0Z3511

Image of the Month – October 2007

Leeds latest landmark is an obvious draw for a photographers eye. On a fabulously sunny day I wanted to do something different here, so I gave this massive structure a toy like feel by framing it in contrast to a lamppost and crane. Enjoy!Photography_Leeds Skyscraper

Image of the Month – September 2007

Whilst on a shoot in Huddersfield town centre I captured this image of a fantastic Peruvian Red Indian street musician. His chants and dances were mesmerising, attracting a large crowd. Not your normal Yorkshire High Street scenePeruian Indian

Revamped Viewpoint Photography website goes live

The original Viewpoint Photography website was launched back in 2001, so the revamped look is certainly overdue. This new website has a simple interface designed to inspire and encourage the viewer in. It also introduces our brand new logo. The previous Ralph Steadman inspired design dates back to 1989 and has served us well. Both the new logo and website design moves us into the digital/media age with the emphasis on simplicity.

Image of the Month – August 2007

As an introduction to my “Image of the Month” section I have posted this image of one of Yorkshire’s great landmarks. It was captured returning from a shoot in Hull, the light was so threatening I was compelled to stop and make this dramatic image.Humber Bridge