Image of the Month – August 2009

Careen and I have a weekend treat – It’s our Nissan Figaro! We recently participated in a weekend rally and convoy through Great Yarmouth. I got some really interesting images. This one just about sums up what it is to have a hobby or passion in England! Cheers, Harry.

iotm Fig 09

Nissan Figaro Rally

Careen, Trix and myself  recently went to Fig 09 at Great Yarmouth in our Nissan Figaro. Our Figaro is a weekend passion for us and this was a chance to meet other owners and have bit of shindig in the evening. I’ve got to say the convey of 90 Figaro’s along the promanade was great fun. Cheers guys, look forward to next year!

Image of the Month – July 2009

Paul – Thundercity
Paul and Andy run a fascinating bespoke Chopper Bike factory in Leeds and I immediately knew I wanted to capture something in camera. Paul has a cool persona, placing him next to his sign in the shop was an apt situation for his character. This is also the first image I’ve shot on my new Phase One P25+ digital back – not a bad initiation! Harry.


Figaro Rally

Fig09 Fritton House –  nr. Great Yarmouth
Hi, Careen(pictured) Trix(the dog) and I have a Sunday love – it’s our Nissan Figaro. So in the Great British tradition of fun at all costs we went to the biggest Figaro meeting of the year and met all the other interesting Fig owners. Anyway I recorded a pictorial documentation of the Sunday Rally and Convoy through Great Yarmouth. It was a figtastic day everyone! Cheers, Harry.


Image of the Month – May 2009

We recently shot the Autumn/Winter fashion shots at Bramham Park. I used a superfast 50mm lens giving a gentle soft focus to the images. It was a difficult lens to master and the models were very patient with me and my focusing perfection. Thanks girls! Harry.


Image of the Month – April 2009

Whilst on a commission for a welding and fabrication company I couldn’t resist shooting this candid portrait of a welder. He didn’t speak a word of english, so while I was setting up he drifted into his own world – it has echos of a Hollywood Hero portrait. Harry

Polish Welder

Image of the Month – February 2009


B of the Bang

Seeing as this piece of public art has been scheduled to be dismantled, I wanted to record it for my archive. I’ve tried to reflect the angry overtones of the art by framing it with a busy urban/industrial scene. The result is quiet effective, I think! Please enjoy – Cheers, Harry