Figaro Rally

Fig09 Fritton House –  nr. Great Yarmouth
Hi, Careen(pictured) Trix(the dog) and I have a Sunday love – it’s our Nissan Figaro. So in the Great British tradition of fun at all costs we went to the biggest Figaro meeting of the year and met all the other interesting Fig owners. Anyway I recorded a pictorial documentation of the Sunday Rally and Convoy through Great Yarmouth. It was a figtastic day everyone! Cheers, Harry.


Image of the Month – May 2009

We recently shot the Autumn/Winter fashion shots at Bramham Park. I used a superfast 50mm lens giving a gentle soft focus to the images. It was a difficult lens to master and the models were very patient with me and my focusing perfection. Thanks girls! Harry.


Image of the Month – April 2009

Whilst on a commission for a welding and fabrication company I couldn’t resist shooting this candid portrait of a welder. He didn’t speak a word of english, so while I was setting up he drifted into his own world – it has echos of a Hollywood Hero portrait. Harry

Polish Welder

Image of the Month – February 2009


B of the Bang

Seeing as this piece of public art has been scheduled to be dismantled, I wanted to record it for my archive. I’ve tried to reflect the angry overtones of the art by framing it with a busy urban/industrial scene. The result is quiet effective, I think! Please enjoy – Cheers, Harry

Preview of Viewpoint 2009 Calendar

Harry’s personal long lens vision for 2009

During the last twelve months I’ve been taking images for my 2009 Calendar. I wanted to create photographs that are picturesque, capturing an element of the seasons and interesting subject matter. I disciplined myself to only use telephoto lenses, to get away from the idea of landscapes taken with the traditional wide angle view, I love the long lens for it’s ability to isolate a subject and wanted to exploit this. The Calendar is produced as a self promotion tool and as a thanks to my clients. The artwork is below for you to enjoy. H.

Image of the Month – December 2008


James recently affiliated himself to Swinton Park Hotel, Masham – giving golf lessons to the rich and famous. He wanted an eye-catching image of himself and the hotel. Using the low light of winter as backlighting gave this portrait the impact needed. James loved it!Golf Pro

Harry is Awarded a Merit for SUN’08

SUN Awards still shine brightly 20 years on!!!

The 20th SUN awards for northern based commercial photographers were announced at the Lowry Hotel, Manchester on 6 November for the opening of the exhibition of all the shortlisted work. I was awarded a merit for the image below entitled “Going Somewhere” and was very pleased to have my image recognised by the judges. This is the first time I’ve entered the awards and it was great to network and mix with other photographers again – since digital took over our local meeting place of the processing lab has long since gone!

SUN (Shot Up North) has been responsible for showcasing around 1,000 images by the best northern photographers over the last 20 years. The talents of the best commercial photographers are exposed in a traveling exhibition and catalogue of the top fifty shortlisted entries to the SUN Awards 2008, which I am very pleased to be part of.
The Sun website is Please go along if you have the time, am sure you’ll enjoy it. Cheers, Harry.
SUN AWARDS  Exhibition Tour 2008/9
MANCHESTER – Lowry Hotel,
6 November – 2 December  2008
SUN AWARDS  Exhibition Tour 2008/9
MANCHESTER – Lowry Hotel,
6 November – 2 December  2008

LEEDS – Design Innovation Centre,
7 February – 2 March  2009

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE – The Biscuit Factory,
6 March – 19 April

Going Somewhere